$10 Margherita Pizzas Every Friday!





Mediterranean Salad

a fresh mix of tomato, cucumber, capsicum & red onion tossed with mixed beans and dressed with a lemony olive oil dressing

Orecchiette Pasta Salad

basil pesto pasta salad with olives, mushrooms, fresh spinach, sun-dried tomato, capsicum and parmesan

Asian Quinoa Salad

a very vibrant quinoa salad with capsicum, cabbage, edamame & coriander tossed through fluffy quinoa and dressed with a house made ginger, garlic & sesame dressing

Roast Cauliflower Salad

spiced roasted cauliflower, toasted almonds, crispy chickpeas, spinach & raisins dressed with our house made tahini dressing


grilled haloumi $4

grilled chicken $5

herb & parmesan schnitzel $9.90

grilled portuguese chicken $9.90

boiled eggs $2

extra dressing $1


House-Made Beef Lasagne $18.90

bolognese lasagne served with chips and choice of salad

House-Made Sausage Rolls $17.90

sausage roll baked in full butter puff pastry served with smokey tomato relish, chips and salad

Crispy Skin Salmon $28.90

market fresh Atlantic salmon pan fried with choice of salad and chips

Sandwiches & Wraps

see our selection at the front counter

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