$10 Margherita Pizzas Every Friday!



Coffee by Saint Dreux Coffee Roasters

regular $3.70

large $4.20

extras $0.50

batch brew $4

seasonal single origins available


Tea by Ovvio Organics

organic tea and herbals $4.50


Freshly Squeezed Juice $8

100% orange juice

detox green - green apple, celery cucumber & mint

red tonic - orange, beetroot, carrot & ginger

juice of the day - ask staff



blueberry breakfast smoothie $8.50

mixed berry smoothie $8

banana & malt $8


Cold drinks

Fiji still water $3

Limonata $4.50

Blood Orange $4.50

Chinotto $4.50

Coke $4.20

Coke no sugar $4.20


Beer & Cider

Wayward Everyday Ale, Camperdown, NSW $8

Ceder Creek Apple Cider, Thirlmere NSW $9


please ask our staff for wine offerings


Sparkling Water On Tap

bottomless per table $2.50

BYO bottle $2


*all alcohol sales must be purchased with food, available between 10am-4pm

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.